David Morgantini

David is a technology leader who has been working with computers since he was 6 years old. He has been focusing on the growth and retention of software engineers for the past 8 years in various technical leadership roles. The idea to use a SkillsMap to help visualize and grow engineers was initially conceived while a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks and refined as the VP of Engineering at Tes. Now, David is looking forward to working with other companies to take the idea to the next level.

Laura Morgantini

Laura has been in and around the agile software delivery world for the better part of 10 years in different roles. After finishing her Phd, where she focused on collaboration and delivery techniques in agile teams, she supported different organisations in tackling their agile challenges - from integrating Agile and UX to running agile projects in non-agile environments. For the past few years she worked for SpringerNature helping with Business Analysis and Product Management for different products ranging from user-facing to critical backend products. Laura brings a very analytical, user-centred and structured approach to the SkillsMap team. She loves taking on new challenges and always focuses on getting the best out of the teams and people she works with.

Charlie Harris

Charlie is a self-taught developer who joined David’s team in 2015. When he took the plunge, Charlie was keen to become a valuable member of his new team as quickly as possible. The first iteration of SkillsMap helped his growth by breaking down the daunting task of becoming a developer into manageable chunks. When David suggested the idea of building a dedicated SkillsMap tool, Charlie jumped at the opportunity. With first-hand experience of how valuable the earlier iterations of SkillsMap had been, and a desire to challenge himself as a developer, it was a no-brainer.