Give your team the career guidance they need

SkillsMap helps you build and retain a motivated team by giving your software engineers clear guidance on how to progress, and a fair process for understanding their capabilities.

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Prioritise growth with SkillsMap

Help your team succeed by giving them a clear path for progression.

Communicate the skills and behaviours that matter.

Have fair conversations about pay and promotions.

Identify and address skill gaps.

Recognise the achievements of your team.

Give your team clear, actionable advice on how to reach their goals.

Hold regular, effective reviews.

How it works

The SkillsMap tool is focused around a table made up of the skills and behaviours relevant to a career within your team. We call this table a skills map.

Creating a skills map

Our map building tool allows you to easily create and modify your own skills map. We've also built templates and imported open-source growth frameworks to get you started.

Simplified example of a skills map.

Simplified example of a skills map.

Using your skills map

With SkillsMap, your team reviews their progression and sets objectives at regular intervals. Each review is a 3 step process:


Each member of the team evaluates themselves against a skills map and identifies areas for their own growth.


The self-evaluation is reviewed by one or two other members of the team, typically a mentor and a line-manager. This gives the reviewer an opportunity to provide feedback and guidance on how to achieve the growth objectives.

Guided growth

The completed evaluation can be used to understand capabilities, visualize progression, and make sure everyone is driving towards the most valuable objectives.

What our customers say

"As a mentor, SkillsMap gives me something tangible to point to and talk about when helping someone navigate their career path. Software Engineering is a broad field with an infinite number of skills to learn, so it's really helpful to have a concrete way to articulate which skills are important to our company and our engineers."

"[SkillsMap] has made a huge impact here to the way we work."

"With SkillsMap it was easy to see where I needed to grow to become a senior engineer. It meant that I could focus on those specific skills and not worry that I was missing something else. Now I can use SkillsMap to help drive conversations with my mentees around their growth. It’s simple to see at a glance where there are gaps and dive deeper into particular areas to set objectives."

"The evaluation process was fun and engaging and best of all it helped me to identify skills I want to work on."