Using the Medium Engineering Growth Framework with SkillsMap

Medium created their Growth Framework to help the engineers on their team understand the level they are at and to give them clear guidance on how to progress. The documentation and the publicly available framework are incredibly thorough, and it's great to see world-class engineering teams taking the growth of their employees seriously.

We've imported and adapted the Medium Engineering Growth Framework for use with the SkillsMap tool. Using this industry-leading framework with our tool will save you time and ensure that you and your team get maximum value from it.

With the SkillsMap tool you're able to:


Gain insights that will help you to identify and address the skill gaps in your team.


Run clear and regular reviews of progression for your team, ensuring everyone gets the support and guidance they need to grow.


See clear visualisations of progress over time.

Reduce the time it takes to assess progress with a fit for purpose UX.


Easily create and modify the skills and behaviors in the framework.


Save time with automated reminder emails that prompt your team to complete outstanding tasks.


Add notes to skills, so that you can record things like learning resources and evidence of achievement.

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