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We've teamed up with The Lead Developer Austin to give you the chance to develop your leadership skills with a webinar and access to a growth framework for Tech Leads.

Webinar: Supporting the growth of Junior Engineers with David Morgantini

David, previously VP of Engineering at Tes Global and co-founder SkillsMap, is holding a webinar that looks at how to effectively support the progression of Junior Engineers. It’s relevant to folks who are looking for new ways to improve their support for Junior Engineers, and those who have considered taking on Juniors, but felt they wouldn't be able support them.

David Morgantini.

Identify opportunities for your personal growth as a leader

We've created a Tech Lead growth framework that allows you to review your own capabilities and identify opportunities for personal growth. The SkillsMap growth framework focuses on a comprehensive list of the most important skills to lead and grow your team and provides you with the ability to make an honest assessment of your skill set in relation to the skills needed to lead a team of engineers.

If you're interested in the webinar, the Tech Lead growth framework, and additional resources focused on building a culture of growth, please register your interest below.